The Brooklyn Salon: Tips when using hair products

The Brooklyn Salon: Tips when using hair products

There are hundreds of products in the market right now that promote hair products. The overwhelming product options make us forget about the real deal, which is using the hair product. Here are tips on what to do when using hair products.

  1. Do not use a lot of hair products.

The phrase ‘the more, the better’ does not apply to hair products. If you are using hair gel or any other products in styling your hair, you should remember to always start with a small amount before eventually adding more when you need it.

There is a rule for hair gels that men should follow: keep it to a minimum. An abundance of hair gel does not mean a better hairstyle. A lot of men commit the same horrible mistake that makes their hair look greasy and sticky.

To correct this mistake, only use a sufficient amount of hair gel and make sure to apply it in dry and clean hair. Comb your hair before putting the gel and fix it using your fingers only. With this, your hair will look more natural yet arranged. 

  1. Do not sleep with styling products in your hair. 

When you use a hair styling product, make sure you rinse it off before going to bed. Proper washing of hair should not be rushed and must include hair products such as shampoos and conditioners that are suitable for your hair type. 

Moreover, you need to make sure that you are properly distributing the hair products all over your head. To do that, massage your scalp and comb your hair when applying shampoo or conditioner. You can use your hands or a regular comb to make sure that all of your hair gets even nourishment. 

  1. Do not use shampoo all the time. 

Applying shampoo every day has become a habit for a lot of men and this causes more harm than good. Our scalp secretes an essential oil called “sebum” to keep our scalp free from infection and nourishes our hair to keep it healthy. Shampooing daily can dry the oil from your scalp, making your hair look brittle and dry.

  1. Remember to condition your hair. 

Applying conditioner is arguably the most important hair care routine to keep your hair moisturized after being stripped of natural oils by shampooing. 

Moreover, it is best to leave the conditioner on the hair for a good two minutes before rinsing it thoroughly so that dust in the air won’t stick on your hair. On top of that, make sure to be consistent in using conditioner to strengthen your hair and to achieve a silky smooth feeling every time you wash it. 

Our hair is an important factor that compliments our facial features. That’s why hair care is just as important as skin care. Learn more about taking care of your hair here at The Brooklyn Salon!