Haircare tips for men

The Brooke Barbershop: Haircare tips for men

Everyone wants great hair no matter what gender, but achieving it can often be hard even if your hair is short. If you are a male, keep reading to learn about the tips on how you should take care of your hair and have the best hair possible. Check out those tips below:

Do not wash your hair every day

Washing your hair every day could do your hair more harm than good since you are stripping away natural oils from your scalp. Using shampoo at least three to four times a week is best for guys with short hair.

Shape your hair while it is still damp

While your hair is still damp after the shower, shape your hair into place using your fingers or a comb. As it starts to dry, the shape will get locked in, making your hair easier to style. 

Use texturizing products

Pomades and gels can be too heavy for thick hair. Use texturizing powders and dry shampoos instead. They will help build up your hair and give it more volume, especially for short and thin hair. They will also soak up oil and keep your hair look cleaner.

Use natural styling products

Many styling products contain harsh chemicals that will not only dry and damage your hair but also negatively impact your hair growth. That is why you should opt to use natural products made from organic ingredients like beeswax, castor oil or argan oil.

Do not overuse products

One of the biggest mistakes men make when styling is using too much product on their hair. When using hair styling products like pomade or gels, always start with a small amount since a little can go a long way. 

Pat your hair instead of rubbing

Rubbing your hair with a towel after a shower can cause breakage and ruin your hair, especially if it is not quite as thick as it used to be. Hair tends to be weaker when wet so instead of rubbing it, pat it dry to avoid putting stress on your hair.

Take lukewarm showers

Taking hot showers will strip all of the natural oils out of your hair making it frizzy and prone to split ends. On the other hand, taking a cold shower can constrict the blood flow in your scalp, hence your hair won’t receive the nutrients it needs. The easiest solution is to take lukewarm showers.

Make regular trips to your barber

Visiting your barber regularly is not just about keeping up the style of your haircut. Regular trims or cuts can get rid of hair damages caused by heat, friction and pollution from your daily activities. It is advised to go at least once a month to maintain your hair.