The Brooklyn Salon: Best hair products for men

The Brooklyn Salon: Best hair products for men

Having bad hair is one of the things that triggers insecurity because the hair is considered the crowning glory of a person. This is especially true for men since, with the right style, hair significantly improves their physical attractiveness. 

With that said, good hair care products can greatly help you achieve that great hair day every day. In most cases, men spend a lot of time and money on products for the hair rather than the skin. This is because beautiful and shiny hair makes us effortlessly look and feel good. 

On top of that, good hair products can also help maintain strong and healthy hair, as well as actively minimize the risk of hair loss, especially for men. However, people tend to overuse hair products due to the lack of knowledge which then results in hair damage. 

To help combat the lack of information among people, we at The Brooklyn Salon made a helpful guide to achieve that shiny and healthy hair using the best hair products. 

  1. Hair gel 

Are you tired of fixing your hair every time it falls out of place? Get your hands on some hair gel product now! If your hair is stronger and thicker or just resists being flattened down smoothly, hair gel is a good solution for you.

This is a hairstyle product that helps the hair to stay in place even for a long period. Having a good hair gel product is important to keep your hairstyle on point no matter what activity or event you have. 

This is applied by squeezing an ample amount of the product on your palm and rubbing your palms with it before running your fingers through the hair. Comb through and style it to your liking. Moreover, keep in mind that the gel should be rubbed onto the hair and not on the scalp to avoid any damage.

Hair gel can come in different kinds of products to cater to all types and textures of hair. Whether you have curly, wavy or straight hair, hair gel can help you achieve a perfect hairstyle that will live up to your expectation.

Make sure to buy quality hair gel to avoid drying out the hair which makes it weaker and more prone to hair fall. Look at the ingredients of hair gel you choose. Hair gels that have moisturizing ingredients like aloe vera can promote a healthier scalp.

  1. Waxes 

Waxes provide a high shine, glossy finish that is perfect for creating texture and definition without stickiness and can be used in either damp or dry hair.

If you want to achieve a look that gives your hair a natural-looking shine, you should try using wax instead of hair gel. This product also helps hold your hair in place for a longer period. It is also an effective product no matter the weather conditions.

So, if you live in a place that is hot and humid, you don’t need to worry about your hair staying in place. This is because wax helps in hair definition and flexible styling that resist humidity.

  1. Oils 

There are a lot of hair care products that are available in the market. Each of them possesses certain and unique features. 

Applying oil to your hair helps you to achieve silkier and healthier hair. Besides this benefit, it also gives an aesthetic advantage that gives your hair a shiny and sleek look without any harmful chemicals that might stress out your scalp.

Oils are helpful in the development of the hair, as well as maintaining moisture to lessen signs of dandruff. On top of that, they also have a smooth and serene smell that can help you relax. This is why some men use oils for their hair before going out on a date.

There are a lot of hair oils out in the market that you can choose from depending on your hair type and preference. Here are three popular oils that you can use:

  • Cedarwood oil 

We at TheBrooklyn Salonshop use cedarwood essential oil after every haircut. It is an essential oil that has a warm and woodsy scent that helps look your hair clean and fresh.

Cedarwood is also a good oil that is effective in reversing alopecia areata. It is a common hair condition among men that results in hair loss. This oil helps with the blood flow of the scalp and rejuvenates hair follicles to promote hair growth. 

  • Chamomile oil

Chamomile oil is famous for its apple-like and herby scent. However, it has great health benefits that can promote healthy hair.

When applied on the scalp, it provides a soothing sensation, especially for men with dry and itchy scalp. The oil also helps in eliminating dandruff and gives off a healthy shine on the hair.

  • Clary sage essential oil 

This oil is effective in preventing and reversing the signs of balding. This makes it a great hair product for men who are showing early signs of hair loss.

Besides that, Clary sage oil also helps manage curly and frizzy hair. Curly hair is known to be difficult to maintain and manage. Plus, recommended products are quite costly so this essential oil is a great alternative.

  1. Scalp scrub 

Dirt build-up on the scalp that clogs hair follicles can eventually lead to hair loss. It is important to note that your scalp is like your skin. Just like in skincare, exfoliating once or twice a week is important. Scalp scrubs rejuvenate your hair follicles and deeply cleanse your scalp.

In choosing what scalp scrub to buy, determine what your scalp is in need of. Is your hair dry and needs moisture? Is your hair fragile and suffering from extreme hair loss? There are different types of scalp scrub that specialize in different functions and benefits. 

  1. Shampoo 

A lot of men believe that using shampoo damages the hair. However, using shampoo regularly is what makes it dangerous for the hair because most shampoos have a lot of chemical ingredients that negatively affect the hair. 

However, some products have natural ingredients such as aloe vera that are proven to help maintain the health of your hair. We at The Brooklyn Salon take pride that all the shampoo products we use are organic.

  1. Conditioner 

When you are outside, your hair is exposed to the weather, dust and friction. These factors can damage your hair which can eventually cause breakage and even hair fall and hair loss. To combat these, you can use a conditioner that moisturises and coats the hair with a protective layer against harmful elements. 

It is made up of ingredients such as silicones, oils and many other beneficial items. Conditioners help in maintaining the natural oils on your scalp, especially after you wash your hair with shampoo. 

Be sure to take into consideration if your conditioner is suitable for your hair or could lead to potential allergic reactions. To do so, make sure you read the label and ingredients at the back of the product to know. 

  1. Keratin 

Keratin products are always available in the hair care aisle in the supermarket. This is by far a product growing in demand and popularity in the market nowadays. It is because keratin is a protein that nourishes dry and damaged hair.

Keratin products also make the hair smoother and more manageable. Before this product was made available in the market, hair keratin is a treatment you can get only at hair salons. 

Thanks to modern technology, it can now be readily and easily used by consumers for silky and healthy hair in the comfort of their home. You can buy keratin products in many different forms such as keratin shampoo and conditioner. There are also keratin oils for shiny looking hair day in and day out. Go grab one at the supermarket and experience the truly wonderful gorgeous hair in a flash!

  1. Sea salt spray 

By definition, sea salt spray includes salt and other compounds that are found in seawater. Because saltwater absorbs the natural oil in your hair, it provides a better hair texture to form waves and volumes no matter what your hair type is.

Moreover, unlike other styling products, a sea salt spray won’t leave your hair feeling greasy, sticky or hard. Another benefit of this hair product is its compatibility with any hair type. Sea salt spray works best for medium or long hairstyles for that gorgeously and effortlessly tousled look. 

By choosing and using a product perfectly suited to your hair type and style, you can always look fresh out of the barbershop every day. These products also help in maintaining healthy and beautiful looking hair. Come visit The Brooklyn Salon and grab all the products that your hair needs!